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Fasting - Why and How We Do It

Fasting is a regular discipline in the life of every follower of Christ, and so we begin each new year with 21 days of fasting and prayer. 

We are seeking the will of God for our life, for our church and for our city.

As we honor God by putting Him first in our life, our family and our finances – His blessing will be on those areas. As we give Him our first and best at the beginning of the year, we acknowledge that this year does not belong to us - it belongs to Him and each day of this year is a gift and blessing from Him.

We need His wisdom, power, strength and protection every day.

We need His Holy Spirit working in us to help us navigate our way through the year ahead and to live a life that is Kingdom focused and that brings Him glory.

Types of Fasts

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This fast calls for drinking only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option.
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This type of fast involves removing certain elements from your diet. One example of a selective fast is the Daniel Fast, during which you remove meat, sweets, or bread from your diet and consume water and juice for fluids and fruits and vegetables for food.
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This fast is sometimes called the Jewish Fast and involves abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon. This can either correlate to specific times of the day, such as 6:00 am to 3:00 pm, or from sunup to sundown.


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This fast is common for those who do not have much experience fasting food, who have health issues that prevent them from fasting food, or who wish to refocus certain areas of their life that are out of balance.

For instance, someone might select to abstain from using social media or watching television for the duration of the fast, and then choose to carefully bring that element back into their life in an orderly fashion at the conclusion of the fast.