Covenant Marriage Ministry 

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CTC's Covenant Marriage Ministry is dedicated to strengthening marriages or those planning to get married, by providing practical advice for couples wanting to build a strong and healthy marriage.

You both may be filled with excitement looking forward to your wedding day or you both may feel that your marriage needs to be strengthened. As a couple you may be struggling trying to salvage your marriage or you and your spouse may just want guidance to improve and enhance your marriage.

Whatever you both may be facing now, nothing is impossible with God. Here at the CTC, you will find help to rebuild and restore your marriage.

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The Covenant Marriage Ministry and CTC Name Center (National Association of Marriage Enhancement) exist to ensure that pre-marital, married couples and families are equipped with with a solid Biblical foundation to strengthen their relationships with God and each other.

If you and your spouse are searching for marital or pre-marital counseling, the services at CTC's NAME Center are free of charge.

Our Certified Marriage Specialists can support and encourage you and your spouse through Biblical counseling in order to equip you both with the tools necessary for a healthy and thriving marriage relationship. 

Covenant Marriage Ministry Leaders
Henry & Destiny Johnson

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