Only Two Prerequisites
To Being Part Of CY Worship

- Complete (or be in process of completing)
Grow Track
- Be In A City Life Group

The First Step

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The first step in auditioning for the City Youth worship team is to submit an audition video.

This video can be filmed on the recording device of your choice, whether it be as simple as a cell phone or some complex recording device.

The most important thing to keep in mind in regards to this video is that you are able to be heard.

If possible, please have the actual song playing audibly in the background as you sing along. This is not a requirement, but is preferable.

Again, make sure that YOU are heard.

The point of this step in the audition is to give the worship leader an initial read on your ability as a musician/ vocalist.
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What To Record?

Below is a list of songs for each person auditioning to chose from.  For the purpose of recording, you will need to either buy the songs from iTunes or use another method in order to play the song in the recording. 

Audition Song List

How To Submit?

All video auditions need to be emailed to: Once your recording is received, it will be reviewed by the worship leader and youth pastor. You will then receive feedback and instructions for possible next steps.