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  • I understand that in order to qualify for the money back guarantee I must be a first time giver and have never given to Church for the City.
  • I understand that the one requesting their money back must be the one who signed up for the challenge.
  • I understand that my tithes during these 90 days must be made towards the general fund and not to separate areas such as Missions or specific ministries.
  • I understand that a refund request may be made only if I signed up for the challenge online or by using the tithe challenge sign up card and my tithe was paid by using the app or by check, credit or debit, so that my tithe was properly tracked and accredited.
  • I understand that the money back is only guaranteed for the 90 days of the challenge and 30 after that. (Deadline is June 28, 2018) I understand that this form must be completed and received by Church for the City prior to the beginning of the 90 Day Tithe Challenge period.
  • I understand that I cannot seek a refund prior to the end of the 90 Day Tithing Challenge period, and I understand that I cannot seek a refund unless I complete the entirety of the 90 day period with consistent and faithful giving.
  • I understand that I cannot seek a refund for any contributions made prior to the beginning, or after, the 90 Day Tithing Challenge period, (March 2018 through June 2018).
  • I understand that any request for refund must be received by the Church for the City office by June 28, 2018.